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Stress Free Picture Hanging!

Have you ever decided to hang a picture on the wall and think it’s going to be a quick and easy job and then you notice it has two holders on the back of the frame so you think, no big deal, here we go, but then you get started and realize you have to measure 47 different ways to make sure it’s level and you start sweating and cussing under your breath and begin having heart palpitations. *gasps for breath because of ginormous run on sentence*

So, if I just described you in that scenario, I have a little “hack” that can help.

Step one:

Lay your piece that you are hanging on a flat surface.


Step 2: Cut a piece of painters tape to go from one holder to the other. Make sure it’s straight.



Step 3: Put painters tape on the wall and use your level to make sure it is straight and level.

Step 4: Put your nails or sheetrock anchors/screws at the end of the tape on each side (wherever you measured the holder to sit on the tape).



Step 5: Hang your wall art/picture. It’s that easy!



I also use this technique with drawer and cabinet pulls and hardware!

Hope this is helpful and will save you from sweaty, cussing episodes that next time you are trying to hang something on the wall!



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