Jewel Tones to Coastal On the Farm

Hello! Today’s post is going to be a modge-podge of inspiration and thoughts on redoing our garage apartment into a little “pool cottage”. We have an Intex pool right now that we are hoping to maybe upgrade in the next couple of summers.

Backstory – – my husband and I started building a garage with living space above it when we got engaged and moved in a few months later after we got married. The apartment was a living room, dining nook, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom (the washer and dryer was downstairs in the garage). When we had our first son, we split the one bedroom to make a little nursery. We LOVED it. It was our’s. Our home. We did a lot of the work to finish after it was under roof. It was done on a budget so we could save for our forever home we would build 5 years later attached by breezeway.

This was our beginning.

After we moved into our “real house” I felt a weird sense of sadness. I don’t know if that is the right word. I missed our little apartment space, even though I loved our new house. The great thing is, I could still “visit” our little apartment since we attached the new build by breezeway. I am now converting the garage apartment into a pool cottage.

And if you can tell anything about me by reading this blog is that this little project will be completed on a budget!

I want a coastal type vibe even though we live on a farm. I want cool blues and Warm wood tones. Bright whites to keep it airy. Mixed metals.

So, here are a few pictures of how the apartment did look before beginning the makeover. This is after we moved out:


This is while we were living in it:


The walls were darker than I wanted to keep them; an almond color I guess. You can’t see the bathroom, but it was black and white with a red accent wall. The bedroom has gray and white textured paint on the walls.

At this point, I almost have all the walls painted. I painted every wall the same color –  Top Sail by Sherwin Williams.

Here’s a few rooms I found on the internet painted that color.

Love this from House of Torquoise. I am going to explore that site start to finish now…




Here’s a view of where our little dining table used to sit:


I’m changing the light. I’m going to use an old rusty metal basket that I found in my dad’s basement. I think I’m going to do a little floating bar right here under the window, with some metal barstools.

Found this inspo picture from Pinterest:

bar and stools

On the wall beside of that, since it’s near the window, I’m going to to a Shanty 2 Chic wall planter shelf:


I have almost all the walls painted – the kitchen is not quite finished!


So that’s the progress so far. The only thing I’ve purchased is the paint. I only have to buy lumber for some builds and the bar stools (I found some at a local discount store) and some inexpensive bedding to be finished!

I will do another update when we get a little more finished. I will also let you guys know exactly how much I spend on this little project!

Thanks for reading! 🙂





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