In My Cart

Hey friends!

Anyone else “window shop” online? Ya know, where you fill up your cart with 237 items but probably won’t buy one single thing. I even have a ritual where I go to edit the cart and look at each item, eliminating them one by one. I still end up not purchasing anything 95% of the time.

So, I’ve decided to do a little reoccurring feature post on my blog here called “In My Cart”.

Today’s in my cart item is the turkish towel. I do actually plan on purchasing a few of these but for now, I am just window shopping the interweb.

I can’t attest to the quality of any of these, but I think they are all beautiful!






I want to get a few to use as pool towels and hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. 

I also wouldn’t mind to get a larger one to use as a throw on the front porch with my navy, teal, and green. It gets chilly sometimes in the spring and summer evenings and nights but you do not need something heavy.

The prices I’ve found are very reasonable and they have the denim color shade of blue in many different styles that I’m in love with right now.

There’s something about them that feel so warm weather and summery to me. I guess because many of the photos show them being used in that setting.

So, yeah, my amazon and etsy cart may have a few in there right now!



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