Baby Changing Table upcycle to Beverage Cart

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I recently completed an upcycle project of transforming a baby changing table to a beverage cart.

We purchased the cheapest changing table from Walmart almost 7 years ago for our first baby. I don’t know about anyone else, but did you feel the NEED to buy things for your first child that you knew you probably wouldn’t use? We got several things, that I stopped using when Child #1 was about 3 months and never used again. I get it though. It’s so exciting….you don’t know what you are doing….you want to be extra prepared. So, buy everything that Parenting Magazine says is a must have! Poor kid #2 and #3. They both got a diaper change on every (somewhat) level surface in the house. We did use the changing table a little with baby #1. By the time, the second and third child came along, it was used as a storage shelf for cubbies in the closet.

So now, the baby factory is closed, so what to do with the changing table? I saw the idea on the interweb of converting it to a beverage cart and thought it was adorable. So, on a random Saturday, I decided it was makeover day!

Here is a the changing table…laminate and in the color espresso I believe.



First thing I had to do was add a push bar because I was also going to be adding wheels. I used a scrap piece of wood, trimmed it to size, then used the kreg jig to add some holes to attach the handle. Once that was complete I used the paint I had on hand. I knew I wanted some part of the cart to be copper (A little obsessed with copper right now). I chose Rustoleum’s Country Gray Chalk Paint to compliment the copper.

First I spray painted the push handle and the top tray part of the table. It just happened that the spray paint was a hammered finish, which I ended up really liking on this piece. I knew I would be using chalk paint to paint parts that may get some off-spray from the spray paint, so I wasn’t very concerned with being too careful in this part of the project. I just sprayed up a storm.

Here is after one coat of spray and chalk paint on everything. I was finished with the can of spray paint at this point, so that part was completely finished.



I added one more coat of the chalk paint and finished the can I had (it was almost gone).

I haven’t added the finish yet (even still, this was a couple of weeks ago!). I am going to do a glossy poly on the copper part and use the matte wax top coat on the chalk paint.

So here is the completed beverage cart (minus the wheels I added later):





I used a drill bit to make a whole in each leg to add the wheels I already had. I glued them on and I can roll my beverage cart around till my heart’s content!

I already had the paint, scrap wood for the handle, the wheels, all the tools needed….I purchased the galvanized tub, a few plastic glasses, straws, galvanized ice bucket, and the hand towel. This makeover was a cost of around $40!

I LOVE my finished product though! It turned out better and cuter than I envisioned and I want to just push my beverage cart around my house serving diet cokes and chocolate milks 24/7!

Until the next DIY!



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