Master Bathroom Makeover

Hello friends! I am going to do my very first blog post about our (fairly) quick master bathroom update. We built our house four years ago and were new to woodworking. I also could not decide on a vanity style that I wanted. So really, my husband and I, with help from his parents, put together this vanity on a whim.


It was painted a beige-y color with some of the trim rubbed with Valspar Antique glaze. The bottom part was built by my husband and the top cabinets were pre-made laminate cabinets. The basket was something I just threw in there for extra storage. We purchased our vessel sinks from Amazon and got the mirrors from Lowe’s.

I also want to say this was four years ago when I wasn’t for sure what I wanted or liked. I was also trying to keep our building costs down even though I kept trying to tell myself “this is my forever home, so it’s a good investment”.

Now, I feel like even though my style will keep evolving, I have a better definition of my current likes and dislikes. If that makes sense.

Since we’ve only been in this house 4 years (which seems like the blink of an eye), I am not ready for a new vanity just yet. I knew I could update it and be very satisfied with the change.

The first thing I did was paint the top. It is a pretty rough piece of plywood so I was ready for something a little more smooth to the touch. I did a thick coat of Valspar’s Project Perfect Latex Paint in the color JAVA.


This is the first time I’ve used this paint and I really loved it. It was great coverage and dried quickly. I used my Purdy Paint brush to apply. This probably cured for several days (okay, maybe a couple of weeks) before I decided what I wanted to do next. I had some metallic bronze spray paint on hand and had just purchased gold spray paint. I bought some copper spray paint to add as well.

I know I could have purchased metallic paints but I just used what I had on hand. I sprayed some in a tub, then crinkled up a plastic bag, and dabbed it into the paint in the tub. Then I would dab it randomly onto the JAVA painted top of the vanity. I did this with all three of my colors. I did bronze first, then gold, then copper. I wish I would have done it gold, copper, then bronze.

Next I put on three coats of glossy polyurethane. This gave me the protection I needed and that really smooth top that I wanted. My top matches the vessel sinks very well. It looks similar and gives it a nice monochromatic look for everything on top of the vanity.

The top was finished and sat for days. Remember, I do have 3 young kids, I DIY when I can and work around nap schedules!

My next step was taking off the cabinet doors and hardware. I rounded one screw out so was unable to remove the pull. I tried the “life hack” I’ve seen on the internet of using a rubber band to get the screw out and it didn’t work. I decided to leave the bottom shelf open. I painted everything using Rustoleum’s Chalk Paint in Linen White.


I really like Rustoleum’s chalk paint! I use it quite often for different things. I did two coats on everything until…..I got to my bottom open shelf.  It is laminate and even though I’ve used chalk paint on laminate with out any prep before and it’s painted fine, this shelf was not having it. The paint would look fine for a second, then separate after a few seconds.

I ended up doing about 5 coats of paint on the inside of the shelf and it is fully covered now and looks great.


This is during the process. You can see the blotchy patches inside the shelf. That was two coats of paint.

Looking back, I should have hit the inside of that cabinet with the sander, but I was really trying to accomplish this in the least amount of steps as possible. Because….well….kids.

I also replaced the cabinet door pulls. Do you ever get obsessed with hardware? I’m a little obsessed with these pulls right now. I used them for my vanity in Antique Bronze. But I love them in metallic gold and silver as well!

So after painting and replacing the pulls, I put the cabinet doors back on and am very happy with my quick bathroom update!

I replaced my torn and old basket with a few metal baskets from a 50% off sale from Michael’s.

Using what I had and purchasing a few things, this update was probably a $60 cost for me.

Here is the final product!


I am very happy with the finished product and feel like I can love my bathroom for a good while now! Very easy update and if someone could work consistently on this type of project, it would take no time at all. I was trying to finish it while keeping three wildlings alive.

From now on when I do projects, I will take more photos of the “during” process so as I describe the steps I will have pictures to go along!

before and after

If you are thinking about undertaking a project by yourself, I say GO FOR IT! You really can’t mess it up. Well, you can, but you can always start over or just set whatever you are working on on fire. Good luck my friends!

*Do not commit arson.


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